Big Shoals

Big Shoals - Hamilton County Florida

Hamilton County, Florida

Nestled in the heart of Hamilton County, Florida, Big Shoals stands as one of the state’s most breathtaking natural wonders. This magnificent waterfall, located within the Big Shoals State Park, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure that draws visitors from near and far.

A Natural Marvel

Big Shoals is renowned for being the largest whitewater rapids in Florida. With a drop of over nine feet, the waterfall creates a dramatic and picturesque scene that is perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. The roar of the rushing water and the mist that rises from the falls create an immersive experience, allowing visitors to feel truly connected to nature.

Outdoor Activities

The area surrounding Big Shoals is a paradise for outdoor activities. Hiking trails wind through the lush forests, providing opportunities to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region. For those seeking a bit more adventure, the Suwannee River offers excellent conditions for kayaking and canoeing. The rapids at Big Shoals present a thrilling challenge for experienced paddlers, while calmer stretches of the river cater to those looking for a more leisurely experience.

Wildlife and Scenery

The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, turkey, and a wide array of bird species. Birdwatchers will find Big Shoals a haven for spotting rare and migratory birds. The scenic beauty of the park, with its towering trees and pristine waters, makes every visit a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors.

Plan Your Visit

Big Shoals State Park is open year-round, offering different experiences depending on the season. Spring and fall are particularly beautiful times to visit, with mild temperatures and vibrant foliage. The park provides picnic areas, making it a perfect spot for a family outing. Whether you’re looking for a day of adventure or a peaceful retreat in nature, Big Shoals is a destination that shouldn’t be missed.


Big Shoals in Hamilton County, Florida, is a hidden gem that offers a blend of natural beauty, thrilling outdoor activities, and tranquil scenery. It’s a place where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.


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