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Cascade Springs - in Provo Utah

Provo, UT

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of the Uinta National Forest near Provo, Utah, Cascade Springs is a hidden gem that offers visitors a serene retreat into nature. This picturesque natural spring, surrounded by lush vegetation and crystal-clear pools, is a must-visit destination for nature lovers, hikers, and photographers. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about visiting Cascade Springs, including how to get there, what to expect, and tips for making the most of your adventure.

Introduction to Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is a beautiful natural spring system that flows over a series of terraces and pools, creating a tranquil and scenic environment. The springs produce over 7 million gallons of water daily, which flows into the nearby Deer Creek Reservoir. The area is rich in flora and fauna, providing a habitat for various plant species, birds, and other wildlife. The easy accessibility and stunning beauty make Cascade Springs a popular spot for a peaceful getaway.

Getting to Cascade Springs

By Car

  • Location: Cascade Springs is located in the Uinta National Forest, near the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, approximately 16 miles from Provo, Utah.
  • Directions: From Provo, take US-189 North for about 12 miles to the junction with UT-92 (Alpine Loop Scenic Byway). Turn right onto UT-92 and continue for approximately 4 miles. Look for signs indicating the turnoff for Cascade Springs Road, and follow this gravel road for about 7 miles to the parking area.
  • Parking: There is a designated parking area at the end of Cascade Springs Road. Parking is free, but it can fill up quickly, especially on weekends and during peak seasons, so arriving early is advisable.

Exploring Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some highlights:

Boardwalks and Trails

  • Description: A network of well-maintained boardwalks and trails meander through the springs, providing easy access to the various terraces, pools, and viewing points. The boardwalks are wheelchair accessible and suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities.
  • Highlights: Stroll along the boardwalks to enjoy close-up views of the clear, cascading water and the lush vegetation that surrounds the springs. The trails offer a peaceful and immersive experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

Scenic Views and Photography

  • Description: The picturesque setting of Cascade Springs provides excellent opportunities for photography. The crystal-clear water, vibrant greenery, and cascading terraces create stunning visuals that are perfect for capturing memorable moments.
  • Highlights: Bring a camera to capture the beauty of the springs, the surrounding forest, and the wildlife that inhabits the area. Early morning or late afternoon light provides the best conditions for photography.


  • Description: There are several picnic areas near the parking lot and along the trails where you can enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. The serene environment and beautiful scenery make it an ideal spot for a relaxing picnic.
  • Highlights: Pack a picnic and take advantage of the peaceful surroundings to enjoy a meal with family or friends. Be sure to pack out all trash to help preserve the natural beauty of Cascade Springs.

Tips for Visiting Cascade Springs

  • Timing: The best time to visit is during the spring and early summer when the water flow is strong, and the surrounding foliage is lush. Fall also offers a stunning display of autumn colors.
  • Footwear: Wear comfortable walking shoes with good traction, especially if you plan to explore the trails beyond the boardwalks.
  • Safety: Stay on the designated trails and boardwalks to protect the delicate ecosystem and ensure your safety.
  • Hydration: Bring plenty of water, especially if you plan to spend the day hiking and exploring the area.
  • Leave No Trace: Help preserve the natural beauty of Cascade Springs by carrying out all trash and respecting the environment.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

While visiting Cascade Springs, consider exploring other attractions in the Provo and Uinta National Forest area:

Alpine Loop Scenic Byway:

Enjoy a scenic drive along this beautiful byway, which offers breathtaking views of the Uinta National Forest and the Wasatch Mountains.

Provo Canyon:

Explore the stunning Provo Canyon, home to Bridal Veil Falls, Deer Creek Reservoir, and various hiking and biking trails.

Timpanogos Cave National Monument:

Visit this nearby attraction to explore the fascinating limestone caves and learn about the area’s geology and history.

Deer Creek State Park:

Located nearby, this state park offers opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, and picnicking.


Cascade Springs in Provo, UT, is a serene and beautiful destination that showcases the natural beauty and tranquility of the Uinta National Forest. Whether you’re strolling along the boardwalks, capturing stunning photographs, or enjoying a peaceful picnic, Cascade Springs offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Cascade Springs.

Accommodations for Cascade Springs

Accommodations for Cascade Springs are available in the following areas

  • Provo
  • American Fork
  • Heber City
  • Salt Lake City
  • Sandy
  • Springville
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